October 19


7 Effective Salon Management Tips to Boost your Business 


Managing a beauty salon is no mean feat. Heading a business, which operates in a highly competitive space and is ever evolving, takes much more than doing the bare minimum. A slight slip here and there and you see yourself juggling between unhappy clients, and disgruntled employees eventually leading to irreparable damage to reputation and finances.  Thus, it is imperative that you create and implement a strong and effective salon business management plan. So, if you’re either a salon owner or a manager, let us take you through this ultimate list of highly effective tips to manage your salon business operations.

Automate Your Tasks

One of the best ways to simplify your operations and make your business processes swift is to deploy a nimble salon management software. Life gets busy for you, your staff and your clients and the last thing you need is to have all stake holders spend hours to complete simple tasks such as booking appointments, scheduling work, managing inventory, processing payments, communicate with clients etc. The multitude of administrative tasks are best delegated to a salon management software, which not only runs them in a streamlined way but also ensures that there are no errors whatsoever. Zenoti salon management software is a great cloud based software solution, which can help you manage all the administrative tasks commencing from booking of an appointment to check out and recording client feedback. Read our post, “5 Reasons to Switch your Salon POS Software to Zenoti” to know how it has helped transform businesses.

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Build a Strong Team

A great team delivers great results! And a great team is built with both compassion and perseverance. It is important that you not only have a well-trained team, which knows how to get the job done but also a highly motivated team, which will do all what it takes to ensure that your clients feel delighted. Thus, as a salon owner or manager, it is important you be their mentor, and their confidante. Engage with your team in ways to understand their career goals and see how you can pitch in for them to achieve the same. Create healthy competition amongst the team members and reward the best sales person with say a gift voucher for exceeding the targets. Most importantly, resolve conflicts as soon as they occur, and last but not the least always remember than approachable leader is always the successful leader.

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Curate an unparalleled Guest Experience

One of the easiest ways to boost business is to ensure that your existing clients keep coming back to you. Infact, multiple researches have indicated that increasing the retention rate by about 10% can result in increasing the revenue by upto 40%. So, figure out who are your top spenders and think on how you can curate a unique experience for them. Did you know that you can leverage technology to help you in the task? A quick analysis of customer profile and the salon management software will share a list of your top spending customers and their choice of services. Thereafter, you can add personalized touch in the form of rewarding loyalty program, or little luxuries such as complimentary scalp massage, a warm towel, a welcome drink etc. Alternatively, you could consider issuing gift cards to your guests that allow them to bring in their loved ones for a salon day experience.

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Stay Relevant

Managing a business where the trends are ever evolving means that you must stay abreast with all the changes. It means constantly upgrading yourself about the latest fashion trends, advancement in technology, and processes. Amongst the easiest way to stay updated is to check celebrity styles. Alternatively, you can look for what’s trending on social media such as Instagram or follow celebrity stylists on Youtube.

Revamp Your Marketing

We live in the digital age and people consume everything on their devices. Therefore, it is time to revamp and rethink your marketing campaigns. While it is great to organically grow your clientele, it is equally imperative to use all digital tools to create eye catching campaigns. With multiple digital marketing tools available for social media such as reviews from happy clients, reels showing snippets of treatments, and hosting giveaways you can easily create a name for your brand within the community. Read our post on “Salon Marketing Ideas to Attract New Guests to Your Salon” to know more.

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Manage Budget & Expenses

A low hanging fruit, but extremely necessary to in order to manage your salon business operations is to have a solid budget plan. From ensuring that you’re comfortably placed to run the show to preventing you from going overboard with any nature of expenses, a budget helps you in many ways. Most modern salon management software come with a custom tool to help you in creating a fool proof budgeting plan, and also ensure that you stick to the budget.

Study the Numbers

Consider this to be you and your team’s report card. All the hard work will translate into the numbers. Thus, as salon owner or manager it is important that you be not only familiar with the numbers but also be able to comprehend them. From daily sales and revenue to accounts payable and receivable, you should know it all to understand how the business is faring. Thankfully, in the 21st century you can rely upon technology to help you not only ascertain the numbers but also comprehend them. Some of the best in class salon management software such as the one from Zenoti comes with atleast 100 pre-set reporting formats, which can help you generate graphical reports in just a few clicks for you to study and take informed decisions.

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Managing a beauty salon business requires you to wear multiple hats. However, if executed with proper strategy combined with your effective communication techniques and empathy, it gives you an exhilarating and enriching experience.


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