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7 Tips for Planning the Perfect No-Presh Smoke Sesh

Every seasoned stoner remembers the time when all it took for an enjoyable smoke session was a few friends and an excellent herbal strain. But after years of experimenting with different consumption methods and expanding your knowledge of the flower, you are ready to take your smoking experience to a new level. Of course, elevating your relationship with Mary Jane shouldn’t come with added stress. Here are seven tips for planning the perfect no-presh smoke sesh. 

1. Try planning a virtual smoke session 

For the past two years, the world has mastered the art of virtual interaction, so why not extend that skill to your smoking habits? Hosting an online smoke session is perfect for gathering friends who live abroad or aren’t up for making the drive. Smoking over video chat also allows each member to use their preferred strain and accessory. So while one person is enjoying a puff out of their favorite pipe, another can be enjoying a smooth hit from a miniature like the MJ Arsenal dab rig

2. Smoke before you feast

Planning a smoke session around meals is the ultimate way to satisfy the munchies while avoiding binging on junk food. Not only will you be filling your body with nutritious foods, but your taste buds will be able to relish every single flavor of the dish. After all, everyone knows food tastes much better after a few puffs of your favorite flower. Just be sure to take care of all the kitchen prep before lighting up. Handling sharp objects while high is never a bright idea. 

3. Create a smoke-friendly playlist

Smoking in silence is both awkward and wasteful, especially if your crew tends to get quiet after blazing. Instead, fill your ears with a carefully curated playlist that will elicit good vibes. Don’t be afraid to step outside the reggae genre. Other standout tunes like Lo-Fi, Hip Hop Psytrance, and Alternative Rock make great playlists. If you don’t feel like queuing up your own songs, try searching for pre-made playlists on Spotify like Stoner Tracks for Everyone or The Mind Tripper’s Playlist. 

4. Use sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses during a summertime smoke session is a must, but you’d be surprised how effective the accessory is after a good sesh. When cannabis enters the bloodstream, cannabinoids create an increase in blood flow to your eyes which results in the telltale stoner gaze. Keeping a trusty pair of shades on you is the best way to continue your day without the pestering questions of others. 

5. Always have a backup stash

There’s no greater buzzkill than inviting your pals over for a session just to discover you are fresh out of flower. Don’t let down your friends. Plan ahead by purchasing in bulk. You can maintain freshness by keeping bud in an airtight mason jar and stashing an extra container somewhere safe. Chances are you will forget about the backup and be pleasantly surprised with yourself when the time comes. 

6. Upgrade your ashtrays

Stoners are known to get a little clumsy after a heavy session, and an accidental tip of the table could spell disaster for your carpet. A spilled ashtray creates a horrible mess that can easily stain floors and ruin an incredible high. Upgrade your ashtray situation by replacing the dish with a deeper jar or container. You can even hit the thrift store to find unique antique vases that double as eye-catching home decor

7. Invest in a lighter leash

Every seasoned smoker has misplaced a lighter, or ten, over the years. And while the shared experience is impossible to avoid altogether, you can reduce your chances of losing the torch by investing in a lighter leash. Simply fasten a magnet to the side of your rig and another to the lighter. After lighting up, simply attach the magnet back to the glassware. You can also fasten the lighter to the piece with a string of twine or ribbon. 

Final thoughts

An elevated smoke sesh shouldn’t come with added pressures. With this guide, you’ll be able to plan the perfect stoner circle every time.

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