February 25


Age Discrimination at Workplace -A Quick Guide!

You study hard and work all your life to get a stable job. To many employees, age is just a factor that they do not consider important. It is one of the common beliefs for employers to think that young employees will work better than older employees due to their ‘young age.’ However, age discrimination is one of the common discrimination practices followed throughout the country. Connecticut Commission on Human Rights And Opportunities have reported a rise in age discrimination complaint throughout Connecticut.


Remember, age discrimination should be taken as seriously as other discrimination. If you were denied a job due to your age, you could speak to Connecticut employment lawyers to take legal action and get compensation.

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What do state and federal laws say about age discrimination?


According to Age Discrimination And Employment Act, it is unlawful for employers to discriminate or treat unfairly to employees more than 40 years old. Additionally, employers are obligated to respond promptly to complaints about harassment based on someone’s age.


For instance, if the employee is 50 years old, the employer cannot deny their application by saying that they are too old for the job or they will be retiring soon. If such a situation arises, the person can apply for a legal claim against the employer.


However, there are various exemptions for age discrimination. For instance, if the employer decides to lay off employees and keep a worker who is 30 years old because they have been working in the company for years instead of the 50-year-old employee, it may be an exemption. The employer may not be able to file for compensation.

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Additionally, each job has different age limits. For instance, the age limit of police officers or firefighters may be different, and one cannot file a claim for the same. Similarly, the employee should also be eligible for the work. For instance, the employer may deny taking a 60-year old for work since it requires lifting heavy weights and other equipment.


Speak to a lawyer. 


Age discrimination cases vary, and one needs a proper understanding of the law to be qualified to file for a claim. When you file for a claim, the process of proving how your employer has discriminated against you can be challenging. An employment lawyer in Connecticut can help you file for a claim and ensure you get justice. The lawyer will also review your case and help in taking all the legal steps.




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