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CenturyLink Internet Residential Offers for Every Household

Picking up the best internet deal even from the highly reliable and broadly known internet service provider becomes critical when you have to do it for your family. The dynamic yet complex internet needs of users in your family make the process trickier for many of us. That’s the reason even at CenturyLink Internet most of us face trouble while deciding which one of the internet offers will perfectly suit our household.


If you are experiencing the same issue and want to get the right answer within no time to get your hands on the best of all offers for your household, then worry not because you have landed on the right blog.

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In this blog, we are going to cover all the CenturyLink internet residential offers which are perfectly designed to meet the internet needs of every household in the United States of America. If you are interested to explore what this internet service provider holds in its residential internet offers bucket for its widespread customer market in the country keep reading this blog till the end.

So, let’s start our journey of exploration without any further due to discover the perfect fit for your household.

A Quick Overview of Centurylink

CenturyLink is one of the truly reliable internet service providers in the country that provides fiber-optic, digital subscriber line, and DSL internet services. The ISP is committed to offering blazingly fast internet speed to customers across different states of the United States. Therefore, it has now expanded its widespread network of fiber-optic cables across 25 states out of 36 states of the US where its services have coverage.

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Due to its robust internet connectivity and stable signals, CenturyLink enjoys a huge customer base across the state. Moreover, its fiber-optic internet connection is highly low in the budget which won’t make you spend extra for acquiring blazing internet speed for your home. However, this luxury is not accessible for some of you because it is currently available in 25 states.  Instead, the fiber-optic-based internet service by CenturyLink is roughly available for 50% of residential customers across the service market of this ISP.

Where CenturyLink Internet Is Available?

We have added names of states where you can get your hands on CenturyLink internet services. So, let’s check your luck out!

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States of the United States where you can find internet services from CenturyLink include Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Virginia, Washington, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Tennessee, New Jersey, Iowa, South Dakota, Nevada, Indiana, South Carolina, Nebraska, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Montana, and Idaho.

The ISP has planned to expand its fiber-optic internet network to other cities such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, Omaha, and Orlando. Currently, cities, where this fastest internet connection is broadly available, include Denver, Seattle, Springfield, Portland, Salt Lake City, and Missouri.

List of CenturyLink Residential Internet Plans for You

CenturyLink is continuously working to magnify its footprints in fiber-optic internet and therefore is planning to introduce its services in new markets in the country. However, its DSL internet plans are also no less than anyone and can provide internet speed of up to 140 megabits/second. So, let’s check out what the ISP holds for its residential internet customers.

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Simply Unlimited 20

Plan: Simply Unlimited 20

Maximum Speeds: 2 Mbps upload and 20 Mbps download

Data Cap: No

Equipment Fees: Monthly rental fee for modem/router (optional)

Simply Unlimited 40

Plan: Simply Unlimited 40

Maximum Speeds: 3 Mbps upload and 40 Mbps download

Data Cap: No

Equipment Fees: Monthly rental fee for modem/router (optional)

Simply Unlimited 60

Plan: Simply Unlimited 60

Maximum Speeds: 5 Mbps upload and 60 Mbps download

Data Cap: No

Equipment Fees: Monthly rental fee for modem/router (optional)

Simply Unlimited 80

Plan: Simply Unlimited 80

Maximum Speeds: 10 Mbps upload and 80 Mbps download

Data Cap: No

Equipment Fees: Monthly rental fee for modem/router (optional)

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Simply Unlimited 100

Plan: Simply Unlimited 100

Maximum Speeds: 12 Mbps upload and 100 Mbps download

Data Cap: No

Equipment Fees: Monthly rental fee for modem/router (optional)

Simply Unlimited 120

Plan: Simply Unlimited 120

Maximum Speeds: 30 Mbps upload and 120 Mbps download

Data Cap: No

Equipment Fees: Monthly rental fee for modem/router (optional)

Simply Unlimited 140

Plan: Simply Unlimited 140

Maximum Speeds: 40 Mbps upload and 140 Mbps download

Data Cap: No

Equipment Fees: Monthly rental fee for modem/router (optional)

Fiber Internet 200

Plan: Fiber Internet 200

Maximum Speeds: 200 Mbps upload and 200 Mbps download

Data Cap: No

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Equipment Fees: Monthly rental fee for modem/router (optional)

Fiber Gigabit

Plan: Fiber Gigabit

Maximum Speeds: 940 Mbps upload and 940 Mbps download

Data Cap: No

Equipment Fees: Monthly rental fee for modem/router (optional)

CenturyLink Internet Service

Future Ready Fiber Gigabit

If you are still not clear head about which CenturyLink will be the perfect match for your household, then worry not because we have got you covered. Pay just $ 65 every month to enjoy a future-ready Fiber Gigabit internet connection from the house of this incredible internet service provider.

You must be thinking what will you get in this fiber-optic internet plan? Well, the answer is “more than a lot”. You will enjoy a seamless online experience with blazing gigabit internet speed. That makes it possible for you and your family to have equally strong internet signals across every corner of your house.

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Moreover, due to the fiber-optic internet connection, you and your family will have consistent internet speed round the clock. So you can quickly and smoothly upload or download any heavy file, document, pictures, videos, movies, and much more. You can get up to 940 Mbps internet speed through this wired internet connection. However, you may face variations in internet speed in some areas which are quite obvious due to various reasons.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about smart devices and internet users in your home while deciding on internet speed. Because this gigabit fiber-based internet connection allows you to connect multiple users, smart home appliances, smart gadgets, and smart home security devices without compromising on your internet speed.

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Why is it so? Because it offers you freedom from data cap and provides consistently super-fast internet speed that won’t disappoint you ever. Nonetheless, you have to bear some additional surcharges, taxes, and fees and also need to go for prepaying or paperless billing method.  

Also, we would like to suggest you check the availability of any of the above-mentioned CenturyLink internet plans in your area before making the final choice. As we know that the ISP has service coverage over only 36 states of the country and amongst those very few have the fiber-optic internet connection facility so don’t forget to carry out zip code research before finalizing any deal.

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In a Nutshell

CenturyLink is offering extended amazing value-added services embedded with the internet plans that have made it one of the top internet service providers in the country. All you need to do is to take out some time to thoroughly examine your household internet need and then match it to whatever internet plan the ISP is offering for the residential customers.

Then check out the availability of that specific internet plan in your area. Luckily if you find your desired residential internet plan in your area and budget go for it! You can also find incredible CenturyLink internet offers at BuyTVInternetPhone because it is the one-stop solution for getting the latest updates and plans from every internet service provider in the country.

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