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Effective Solutions That Will Reduce And Deal With Your Hair Fall

Many people love to have a full head of hair. It can be a joy to brush and style and be an essential part of a person’s image and persona. Should it begin to grow more slowly or start falling out, an individual may become understandably concerned. 

Solutions That Will Reduce And Deal With Your Hair Fall

If this has begun to happen to you, you’re not unique: over 50 million people have this problem in the USA alone. It could be symptomatic of a skin condition or a lack of vitamins and protein. Someone may not be adequately caring for their hair or they may have developed Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA). This article provides helpful solutions for anyone wanting to reduce their hair loss. 


There are several procedures that can be undertaken, including ATP (Advanced Trico Pigmentation), FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), and FUT (Follicular Unit Transportation). Some transplant surgery is minimally invasive, and therefore creates minimal scarring.

Nearly one-fifth of the population of Australia resides in the city of Melbourne, Victoria. When it comes to Melbourne transplants, many people go to leading hair clinics to be treated by doctors rather than technicians. They often book an initial consultation online, so they can discuss their diagnosis and treatment options. The results often appear within months of surgery, and can sometimes last for a lifetime. 

Caffeine Products

Caffeine can be found in some hair-loss shampoos and conditioners. This is because studies made in 2014 discovered that it may help promote peoples’ hair growth at the organ, cellular and molecular levels. These products also contain active ingredients such as niacin, red clover, premium oils, vitamins, and organic plant materials. 

In 2019 a further study was made that confirmed caffeine helps hair shaft elongation through its promotion of cellular division. Whilst more research is required, the initial findings have been encouraging. 

Scalp Massages

Just as caffeine can give you a feeling like a ‘sugar-buzz,’ scalp massages can help you feel more relaxed. In one test, Japanese men had 4-minute massages for six months. At the end of this period, their hair was found to be thicker. This probably occurred because of the boosted blood circulation to the follicles. Whilst this practice didn’t promote new growth peoples’ hair seemed to be stronger and therefore less likely to become broken or damaged. 

A 2019 study involved people who performed scalp massages twice daily. The participants discovered that nearly 70% of them had their hair loss stabilized or showing signs of regrowth. 

Give Up Smoking

The link between circulation and hair growth also applies to smoking. This practice prevents peoples’ hair follicles from receiving all the nutrients that they need because it reduces circulation. When it comes to early-onset alopecia a 2020 survey found smokers were twice as likely to suffer from it. 

It’s not hard to believe the research that says smoking is bad for peoples’ hair: it’s already been proven that people become grey sooner if they have this habit. 

Beware Of Restrictive Dieting

If we restrict certain things in our diets our health may suffer the consequences – and this is often reflected in our hair condition. It has been proven that people under stress or who have restrictive diets often have lower rates of hair growth. If someone’s hair has started shedding as a result, the issue may still remain for several months after a healthy diet has been resumed. 

Maintain Your Nutrient Intake

Your body needs to have energy in order to maintain hair growth. This is acquired through you consuming fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. A healthy diet should contain all these things, but sadly not everyone has this. If someone’s body is low in zinc it could result in them experiencing hair loss. 

It’s worth going online and researching the benefits of vitamins C, D, and E as well as omega-3 and omega-6 supplements.  Both your hair and nails could benefit from these if your body is currently deficient in them. 

Minoxidil (Rogaine) And Finasteride (Propecea)

If you suffer from hair loss at the back of your head, minoxidil may be the answer. Women whose hair begins to thin should also check out this product. Whilst the benefits may take months to show, they can slow down hair loss and promote hair growth. 

Finasteride is an oral treatment that you can only get through seeing a doctor. It’s prescribed for men with male pattern baldness or prostate issues.

This article has no doubt given you hope that your hair condition can be improved. Once this has occurred you will feel more able to enjoy life and be comfortable with your hair once again.

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