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How are blemishes and freckles different?

 As we get older, skin problems tend to arise, especially blemishes and freckles that are noticeable especially for white people. And it is also a disturbing problem that many people may not be able to distinguish whether the problem is melasma or freckles because the appearance is sometimes very similar. Until making the wrong choice of care methods, so the problem that arises is not completely healed. Let’s look at that. How are these two skin problems different? and how to fix it

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 What causes melasma and freckles?

     The main cause of melasma and freckles is melanin, our pigment-producing cells under the skin itself. which cells produce pigment There is an uneven production of pigment or exposure to too much sunlight. will stimulate melanin pigment under the skin causing more melanin to be produced to absorb UV rays Makes the skin color in that area become darker until it becomes noticeable until it causes melasma and freckles.


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Habits that cause melasma and freckles

1. Frequent exposure to sunlight

     Sunlight is a major cause of melasma and freckles because sunlight has UV rays. which will stimulate the activity of pigment under the skin or melanin causing the pigment to be produced in large quantities and become blemish and freckles

2. Do not apply sunscreen. Do not use skin creams.

Many people may neglect to apply sunscreen. because I think it is not necessary or even working in the shade. I neglected this point. But did you know that sunscreen is very necessary? Because it will help prevent UV rays that hit our faces. The main cause of melasma and freckles And in addition, using a skin cream that contains whitening ingredients can also help reduce the chances of melasma and freckles.

3. Stress and less rest

when stress will cause free radicals in the body This will accelerate the production of melanin pigment under the skin causing freckles.

4. Use a facial scrub and it interferes with the skin too much.

Because of scrubbing the face or using anything that has an acidic effect. It will disturb the skin, so if doing too much. will make the skin thinner When exposed to sunlight, it will cause melasma and freckles easier than before.

5. Hormone control pills

Some medications that affect hormones can affect the skin of the face. Causes melasma and freckles, such as birth control pills and thyroid medication, so consult a medical professional before taking.


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What does the ceiling look like?

     The ceiling will look like a patchy sheet. Colors range from light to very dark. It is brown or dark gray or other colors depending on the melasma. Where does the skin layer occur? and how deep Often seen around the cheekbones because the sun is the most and is often seen in white people


type of melasma

– Melasma is the most easily occurring problem because it is caused by sunlight. and computer screen radiation Phone screens often look dark brown, red, gray and if left untreated. or not to use sunscreen to protect The color of the sunlight will gradually become darker.

– Deep melasma caused by melanin producing an abnormal amount of pigment in the dermis layer. which is more difficult to care for than shallow melasma Often have a light brown, gray and often swallow with our skin. which this type of ceiling May need to see a doctor for further care Because applying the cream alone may not help.

– Shallow melasma caused by melanin producing an abnormal amount of pigment in the epidermis. It is usually needle brown or black. and has a clear blotchy appearance Can be treated with blemish cream

– Bleeding with a reddish-brown appearance or looks like a blood vessel Blood melasma is caused by abnormalities of the capillaries under the skin. break the capillaries and clusters under the skin Bleeding is caused by hormonal changes. taking medicine and being exposed to too much sunlight


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However, each person may have many types of melasma. which must be gradually taken care of in the right way but if you are not sure what type of melasma is caused Consulting an expert doctor will give you the best answer.


What does freckle look like?

     The appearance of freckles looks like small dots that may be lighter or darker than normal skin color. This is different from the melasma that looks like a blotchy sheet, so at this point it can be called a noticeable difference between melasma and freckles.


type of freckle

– Commemorative looks brown or black. It is a freckle that is located under the deep skin layer. It is most often found around the cheekbones. This type of freckle is difficult to treat, and may require a laser to help in the treatment.

– Shallow freckles are freckles that are common in white people. It will look like small dots that are darker or lighter than the skin. but mostly brown caused by exposure to sunlight for a long time which if avoiding sunlight have a chance to fade on their own

– Freckles are freckles caused by exposure to sunlight for a long time. It is more common in adults than teenagers. They are often characterized by dark brown circles, smooth skin.

– Freckles are freckles that are often caused by genetics. It looks like a small lump bulging out of the skin, usually brown, black, usually on the face or neck. This type of freckle can be lasered out. and less likely to cause scars


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Solution for blemishes and freckles

– Apply sunscreen because applying sunscreen will help prevent UV rays that come into contact with the skin, so apply sunscreen properly. And applying regularly, it is something that should not be overlooked. The right way to apply sunscreen to prevent melasma and freckles is Approximately 1 teaspoon or 2 of the cream should be applied over the face and neck. and reapply when outdoors for a long time


– Get enough rest, not stress and eat nutritious food. Enough rest And eating foods that contain antioxidants helps to reduce melanin production. Makes blemishes and freckles more difficult

– Choose a standard cream Choose a cream that contains whitening ingredients or contains vitamin A. It will help fade blemishes and freckles. However, you should consult a specialist as well. Because of that choice May choose a cream that has a strong effect, causing the skin to sting and red.

– Exfoliate the skin using substances that are acidic. Accelerates the pushing of external skin tones, but there are disadvantages. if doing too much It may cause the skin to become freckles and freckles easier than before.

– Laser. The method that is popular today and sees real results is laser treatment of melasma and freckles. It has many forms and can be treated faster. It will help to reduce melanin pigment under the skin. and adjust the skin color to be consistent. Make melasma and freckles fade.


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