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How much does it cost to get the CCNA Certifications?

CCNA 200-301 certification is a new entry-level Cisco certificate course, which is also the backbone of the entire Cisco certification roadmap. CCNA is considered an associate-level certification. For any possible network administrator, this certification is a mandatory feather on the cap. Also, for the IT professionals, it is a valuable addition to their list. A proper understanding of the Routing Protocols, Networks, WAN, and VLAN technologies will help you to choose the right IT career path.

Now, you might have been looking for the best exam cost for CCNA certification. Make sure to check over here for CCNA 200-301 exam cost and to get detailed information on how to prepare for the exam with ease. These exams are not that easy and will take months of practice to even pass. So, prepare yourself properly.

The exam fee:

Have you been planning to sit for the CCNA certification exam for the first time ever? If so, then learning about the fee structure is indeed necessary. This form of the certification course is on the expensive side. 

Generally speaking, the CCNP 200-301 exam fee will be around $300. But, you need to pay extra for the study materials as well. So, the total cost is going to exceed $300 for sure. It is hard to pinpoint the exact amount as it varies depending on the number of study materials and workbooks you have purchased. 

The exam duration and topics to follow:

The number of questions in the CCNA exam is subject to vary, but it is going to be around 100 questions. The passing score is about 800 to 850. So you have to study hard to pass every exam module. 

  • To complete the exam, you will get around 120 minutes from most of the competitors.
  • The basic networking knowledge will cover 20% and IP connection at 20%.
  • Then you have intellectual property services at 25% and the security basics at 10%.
  • Finally, internet access calls for 15% and automation and programmability at 10%.

CCNA certification exam – all that you need to know:

The new CCNA 200-301 exam will replace all the previous CCNA exams you have been well aware of. So, you won’t be able to find different CCNA exams and certifications anymore. According to the new rule, from February 4th, 2020, there will be only one exam to cover everything.

  • So, when compared with the old CCNA version of the exam, the new one cancels specified tacks like switching data center, knowledge of routing, and more. Those topics have been overhauled thoroughly.
  • The new 200-301 exam will cover broader topic ranges and will be more consistent with the current work like security, wireless networking, automation topics, and more.

Study for the upcoming CCNA exam:

The first question that comes into everybody’s mind is how to prepare for the CCNA learning. What will be a good strategy to follow over here? 

  • The answer to this question depends on how much experience you have in Cisco and the general networking that comes with it.
  • But, generally speaking, studying for a minimum of 2 hours a day is going to be a good strategy for everyone to follow.
  • It helps you to cover the course within 90 days. But, you are always advised to spend more than 2 hours daily if you want to learn about the modules well and pass the exam.
  • You are most welcome to start your journey with the Cisco Network academy video lesson.
  • If you are not quite into learning from videos, then the courses will provide you with some exam tips and insights to follow as well.
  • You are most welcome to visit SPOTO, which is considered to be one of the most popular trainers for CCNA exams. There are promising video courses you can get from this source.

It all depends on your hard work:

So, remember to check in with the best exam trainers now and focus on the workbooks and solutions you get from their sides.

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