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How to Choose your first Comic book?

There is no significant rule that only kids can read comic books. Whether you love superheroes or not, reading comic books is the best way to utilize spare time. If you are reading these books since childhood, you will not face any problem choosing the best one. 

How to choose your first comic book?

But what about the beginners? An individual who will select a comic book for the first time faces plenty of problems. Immense options lead to confusion. Are you also one who faces difficulties choosing the best comic book?

If yes, the below-mentioned information will clear all of your confusion. Here are some factors you can consider while choosing your first comic book. 

1. Terminology of comic books

Before buying comic books, you will have to understand their terminology. There are the following terminologies:

  • Comic book
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It is a magazine-type book related to the story of superheroes or heroes. 

  • One-shot 

The one-shot comic book reveals the story from the starting to the end. 

  • Trade Paperback 

It comes in the category of the collected edition, which covers the information of various comic books. It can be the complete story or has a set of different volumes. 

  • New comic day

 Among all the weekdays, Wednesday is a new comic book day. New comics will be released on Monday.

  • Preview 

The preview has the list of all these magazines released two months later. If you want to learn about the latest released magazine, you can exploreRARBG. These are a few common terminologies that will help you choose the first comic book. 

2. To Superhero or Anti-hero 

If you love superheroes who enhance the story’s interest, you must go for the D.C or Marvel. Additionally, you can also select between the leaguers and Avengers. 

There is no need to select D.C or Marvel if you do not like superheroes. You can opt for The 99 to image superheroes. In these types of books, readers will get the content as per their requirements.

3. Varieties add spice to life. 

It does not matter that you hate superheroes; still, you love the comics. The writer Francesca Dare proves that comic books are beyond superheroes. You will get different options in comic books that include:

  • Gory comic books
  • Cutesy comic books
  • Gory Cutesy comic books, and so on. 

The masses who do not want to read paper comic books can consider graphic novels. Numerous graphic novels are available on the internet platform, including “Servant of the Bone .” The comic is all about exploring those things that you love. Hence, it is essential to choose that topic with your interest level. 

4. Art 

Do you know why kids love comic books? The answer is because of its Artwork. With the help of this factor, you will narrow down your search. Research on the internet and select the cover that attracts. Make sure that you take the overview of the book too. 

Comic art is appealing and attractive that takes the reader’s interest to the next level. There are three reasons behind the success of good comic books that are:

  • The artist works on drawing the motions, expressions, and sceneries. 
  • The inkers or shaders create the actions, shadows, depth, and darkness. 
  • The colorist gives the tone to the artist and inkers’ work. They make their work spectacular. 

5. The Writers 

Few writers create a unique identity in comic worlds. It is because they add the soul to the comic books, which enhances users’ interest. So, it is best to buy the best-selling comic books of a prominent writer. You can make a list of the best writers and their best-selling books. Further, you can rectify that list as per your interest. 

6. Subject matter 

The theme of the comic book also matters a lot, mainly when you are reading it for the first time. Not all the masses love autobiographies, while some love Zombies and other vampires. Hence, it is essential to determine your interests, like which character you like the most. After that, you can make the decision. 

Selecting the best comic book is not rocket science that you cannot do. But, your responsibility is to make the decision smartly to invest the time in the right book. Aside from that, give priority to your interest. 

7. Latest Release Comic books

If you want to look for an extraordinary story or animation, you can explore the latest comic books. All you need to do is search for the latest released comic books and then spend time taking the overview of the story. Select that story that appeals to you. 

Final Verdicts

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So, with the help of the information mentioned earlier, you get an idea about essential factors that help you select the best comic book. Right from the writers to terminologies, consider each thing. Additionally, you can create a list of comics per your requirements then choose the best one.


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