April 15


How to Settle Any Argument About Cars vs. Bikes

Anybody who owns a car can probably come up with a million and one reasons as to why cars are better than bikes, equally, a bike owner will likely come back with the same number of reasons why they aren’t. Over the years, there has been many a heated debate, friends have parted company, and some family members fail to see eye to eye anymore, because, for the most part their choice of vehicle was made upon personal preference, of which, nobody can argue with. 

Why bikes are better than cars

Hopefully you’ll never get into a discussion on the matter, if you can avoid it that is, especially with friends or family who can, at times, be even less open minded than somebody you don’t know. If somebody does try though, you could agree to disagree and walk in the opposite direction without waiting for a response, or you could slap them with the below facts. 

Traffic Jams

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There are several reasons for traffic jams, which don’t make a jot of difference, if you are stuck in one, the feelings that a person encounters tend to be pretty much consistent, dependent on the person of course. The number one reason that you will get stuck in traffic will be due to traffic lights which control the flow of vehicles, usually in built up areas. 

Of course, you still must stop, even if you are on a motorcycle from Wheels Motorcycles and the lights turn red, however, perhaps you will have already gone through them when they were on green because you can go around traffic much more easily. This gives you a massive advantage when compared with cars and should mean that you have shorter journey times. 

Traffic lights are followed by somebody breaking down, road works, or a delivery van blocking the road, all of which will require you to stop and to sit there for as long as you must if you are sat in a car.


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There simply is no comparison when it comes to cost, which makes you wonder why some discussion about the matter can turn a bit hairy. Consider the initial purchase costs, the fuel costs vs. fuel consumption, servicing and maintenance, or even upgrade costs, should you want to change any swappable parts. Really and truly, unless you won’t ride a bike because of fear, or you need a car for a specific purpose, then a bike is a much smarter idea in pretty much every area, monetary costs are just the start of it!  

The feeling 

Asides from costing less, one of the most underrated reasons that motorcycle riders continue to love taking care of, and riding their pride and joy is that of freedom. That’s not to say that you don’t get a similar feeling when you first start to drive a car, you kind of do, but it’s just not the same, it’s like comparing chalk and cheese when talking about food. Firstly, they’re nothing alike, secondly, it doesn’t even make sense and it likely never will, until you take the plunge and go for your first solo ride.


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