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Kingdom Hearts 3 Trophy Guide: The A-Z Of Getting your Hands on the Kingdom Hearts Trophy

Welcome! So you are planning to achieve the Kingdom Heart 3 trophy, then your search is over as this is the last guide on the Kingdom hearts 3 trophy guide you will ever need. In this article, I have managed to include each and every query that most of the user has, plus the guide is thorough so that you can grab every little information and do not miss out on anything.

Kingdom hearts 3 trophy guide

Kingdom hearts 3 trophy guideKingdom hearts 3 trophy guide

Kingdom Heart is the final part of the 3 tier saga, and it has been quite some time since the game release. In case you are new and directly hopping onto the KH3, then you might face some difficulties in understating the story. But do not worry. There is a way, head to the Memory Archive section in the game so that you can get a grasp of the story so far.

Things That You Should Know

There are some things that you must know before you go through the Trophy Guide.

  • The trophy list can only be considered after the game is completed 100%
  • There is no restriction that you must play on a particular difficulty of the game, and you can complete the game on easy difficulty as well
  • Unlike the previous installments, trophy-wise, the average game difficulty is pretty easy to normal

Complete Kingdom Hearts 3 Trophy Guide

Here in this section of Kingdom Hearts 3 Trophy Guide, you will get to know all the tasks that lead you to the Trophy. One more important thing that you must know is that this guide is aimed towards the Platinum trophy guide. These tasks are basically the steps towards the platinum trophy. Now that you have enough information, let’s get started.

  • Beat the Game On Any Difficulty

So the first thing and the most important step towards the trophy is to make sure that you have completed the game. As mentioned earlier, you can choose the easy difficulty as well so that you can finish the game as fast as possible, and however, if you want to stick to the normal or hard difficulty, it is your choice.

Another thing that you must keep in mind while clearing out the levels is to make sure that you have faced all types of enemies. As you advance through levels, you will encounter multiple types of enemies you have to kill them. Do not try to miss out on these. As a result of encountering and killing all the enemy types, you will get your hands on the Know Thine Enemy trophy.

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Know Thine Enemy trophy.

Know Thine Enemy trophy.Know Thine Enemy trophy.

In case you are wondering about all the other trophies and collectibles, well, no matter how thorough you play, there are some locations of the game that are inaccessible while you beat the game at first. Once you complete the then, only all those locations are accessible, and then only the game is 100% completed.

Once you have complete the game and going through the ending story, you will be prompted to save the game. Make sure to hit Yes. Now when you go into your saves list, you will see the crown icon on one of your saves lists. If you click on it, it will be put on just before the final boss fight; since the game is already completed, you now have access to all the locations. Now you can free roam and with all the battle portals unlocked.

Once the game is completed, you will have the following trophies unlocked.

  • A New Journey
  • Clash of the Gods
  • A Wish at Twilight
  • Inseparable Friends
  • Happily Ever After
  • The Power of Laughter
  • An Act of True Love
  • Way of the Pirate
  • Making a Difference
  • The Hearts Joined to His
  • No Matter What
  • The Battle to End All
  • Another Chapter Closed
  • Get Your Hands on Collectibles

You have full access to all the locations of the game, which is helpful in getting all the collectibles Treasures, Lucky Emblems, Classic Kingdom Games, Constellations. Make sure to grind all the worlds to get all the collectibles, and if you have missed out on something on a level, this is the right time. Below is a detailed overview of all the collectibles.

Know Thine Enemy trophy.

Know Thine Enemy trophy.Know Thine Enemy trophy.

Treasures: They are pretty easy to spot and look like a box; these boxes contain Classic Kingdom Games. Make sure to get a high score on these games to unlock the Classically Trained trophy.

Lucky Emblems: You have to take photos of the lucky emblems; they are mickey mouse icons 

Constellations: PrettySelf explanatory; they are located in outer space. Use your spaceship to collect the Classic Kingdom Games are minigames contained inside Treasure Chests and found in some other places. 

More On Minigame Trophies & Fantastic Seven

Minigame trophies are very important; what you need to do is to complete all the four minigames, namely Centurion, Festive Dancer, Shield Shredder, Datascraper. Once you have completed these, make sure to complete the Fantastic Seven minigames as well.

In order to access the Fantastic Seven minigames, you need to have the Flanmeister trophy. This will give you the location of the minigames.

  • Beating Schwarzgeist Boss and Getting Hands-on Gummi Ship Treasures

Gummi Ship

Gummi ShipGummi Ship

A fraction of the game is all about your adventures on the Gummi Ship. Gummi ship is actually the space that is used to travel across outer space, which is pretty handy to collect constellations. One more thing that is helpful in defeating the Schwarzgeist Boss.

Once you have unlocked the Thermosphere trophy, you will get the location of Schwarzgeist. The one thing that you must keep in mind on your to defeat Schwarzgeist is that your ship must be powerful enough to speed up to 200.

Schwarzgeist Boss

Schwarzgeist BossSchwarzgeist Boss

The location is peculiar. He will be available at the Misty Stream Galaxy. You will find him sitting in a big green tornado at the center of the galaxy. As a result of defeating Schwarzgeist, you will be able to get your hands on the most powerful ship Golden Highwind. Use this ship to defeat the gummi ship enemies with A rank guaranteed.

  • Master Chef, Ultima Weapon & Synthesist Trophy

Master Chef Trophy: In order to achieve this trophy, you have to get an Excellent in all the dishes that you will be going to prepare for Bistro of Twilight Town. One of the ingredients of the dish is the Cornucopia trophy.

Kingdom hearts 3 trophy guide

Kingdom hearts 3 trophy guideKingdom hearts 3 trophy guide

Ultima Weapon Recipe: By the time you reach this point, you will have the 58 types of synthetic materials that are required for the Ultima weapon recipe. Another important that you need is the 7 Orichalcum which is needed to craft the weapon. 

Kingdom hearts 3 trophy guide

Kingdom hearts 3 trophy guideKingdom hearts 3 trophy guide

Synthesist Trophy: To get your hands on the Synthesist Trophy, you need to have synthesized every unique item. All the required materials should be by your side when you looted treasures and things that are dropped from the enemies, destroying space rocks, etc.

Kingdom hearts 3 trophy guide

Kingdom hearts 3 trophy guideKingdom hearts 3 trophy guide

  • The End Tasks

By this time, if you have completed all the tasks mentioned above, you must be at level 99. In case you are not, use the Battle Gates to grind out some levels. The best suggestion here would be Twilight Town at the Mansion. Grind to increase the XP at the fastest pace. 

If you are missing out on any trophy, this is a perfect time. The chances are that the 2nd Flash Tracer Course is the only remaining thing left. Now that you are on a pretty powerful level, it will be a piece of cake to finish.


In this hefty guide, I have tried to cover all the important things that you must know and do to get your hands on Kingdom Hearts 3 Trophy Guide.

Hopefully, you have achieved your trophy. For more guides on games and other gaming, stuff follow us. Thank you!


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