June 30


Learning Spaces

When we say learning space, the only visuals that come to our mind are of a classroom. This could be a classroom in a school, a college, a tuition centre or a coaching centre or any other kind of educational institution. A classroom is the most prominent place of learning where we can imagine a teacher who is conducting a class and delivering a lecture while the students are seated and attending the same or taking down notes or answering the questions asked. There is a whiteboard or a blackboard in the classroom that the teacher uses for explaining new concepts, topics and ideas. There are books and notebooks on almost everyone’s desk and each student is involved in a certain activity that will help them learn better. There is a notice board that exists where the important information, motivational quotes and other such articles are pinned up. This is what we imagine when we think of a learning space. We often forget about other places of learning that exist in schools and colleges mostly. These places are labs, interactive classrooms, art rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums for seminars, playgrounds and courts and so on. All these are paces of learning where students are trained and instructed about different subjects and topics. Over the years, the learning space has evolved and changed. Many new tools and features have come and gone and still continue to be introduced and used to make sure that a learning space is beneficial for the learners. They tell people how to sell online courses . The main aim of the learning space is to ensure that the learner is in an environment where they understand better, learn better, can discover new ideas and also share their thoughts freely. The learning space should not be bound by any limitations but be an open field for the teacher as well as the learner to explore beyond the scope of books, notebooks, syllabus and a classroom. A classroom is what we know primarily as a learning space because we believe that for learning to take place there has to be a closed space with a blackboard or whiteboard where the teacher can teach and students can read and write. It is important to understand that learning is not limited to the four walls of a classroom or limited to the textbooks prescribed for a certain course or even limited by age or background. Learning takes place everywhere and all the time. Everyone should have the right to learn and should have the freedom to learn from anywhere and at any time. This has been made possible by the online system that makes teaching and learning accessible for all. The advancement in technology and the reach of the internet make learning possible for people all around the globe. There are multiple learning spaces now. You can find platforms for teaching, learning, attending live classes or taking up online courses. Be it the best platform for selling online courses or taking up online courses or a platform that supports live classes, finding the right learning space will help you learn better and progress in the field of your choice. The platform should also tell you how to create an online course . Let us take a detailed look at the online learning space created by online courses which are known as the most flexible and inclusive method for teaching and learning.

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An online course is one of the best methods for online learning. When we say that learning is not limited by age, we look at online courses that are used by people of all age groups for learning and exploring topics of their interest. But how is it possible for people of all groups and people from all walks of life to invest time in learning and be present in a learning space while also managing all their other tasks? Just like the best platform to sell online courses, you just need to find the right platform for online learning using online courses. These courses can be accessed from anywhere and at any time using all types of electronic gadgets and devices. You can learn at your convenience and at your own pace. This allows people to manage all their tasks and also invest their time in learning and growing academically or professionally.

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