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Problems Encountered By Civil Engineering Students

A degree in civil engineering is one of the most popular academic paths at the university level in the world. Many high school students in India express a desire to pursue a career in civil engineering and enrol themselves in renowned colleges and universities.


Students mostly pick institutes that are recognised for offering top-notch education from the beginning of the course. When students are denied admission to such institutes, their sole alternative is to pursue a degree at a private college.


Many people believe that college is the best time of a student’s life. However, nobody discusses the hurdles and problems encountered by civil engineering students at that level.

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Challenges are part and parcel of every student’s life, but if you are a student of civil engineering, you’ll encounter them a little more than your non-engineering friends. They are as follows:


  • Language Proficiency


Civil engineering or any form of engineering education is a thorough course taught entirely in English, which students residing in remote places in India find incredibly difficult to grasp since most of their education is in their native language, and even the smartest of them often struggle to understand English.


  • Shortage of Faculty


There’s a severe scarcity of decent faculty and sound instructors in most civil engineering institutes in India. Also, educational institutions wind up hiring anyone with minimum qualifications. Today, even a PhD in this field is insufficient. Professors must also stay up with industry norms and trends, helping the students improve and thrive in the industry.

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  • Same Old and Outdated Syllabus


The majority of civil engineering institutions in India keep on overlooking the industry and market demands and follow the same old and outdated patterns and pedagogy. As a result, students are not able to learn new things.


Since there are loads of industry-relevant technologies that civil engineers need to acquaint themselves with, they end up taking online courses. Dynamo and AutoCAD for civil engineering, among others, are some of the courses that civil engineering students must know in this field. Therefore, they enrol themselves in such online courses in order to polish and sharpen their skills in this field of study.

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  • Reduced Exposure to Reality


Well, technical subjects necessitate that students comprehend, become acquainted with, and be exposed to instances of the application and implementation of civil engineering concepts in real life. Unluckily, this exposure is currently quite restricted.


  • High Fees and Expenses


Many students, particularly those travelling from rural regions to cities to pursue professional courses, struggle to afford the hefty tuition and other expenditures required for entrance and completion of the course.


  • Lesser Industry Interaction


Civil engineering colleges attempt to schedule industrial trips and visits for students in order to boost industry interactions, but this is not as effective as it could be as well as rare, particularly in colleges located in rural regions.

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  • Lack of Good Placement


This is one of the major problems faced by students of civil engineering. A vast percentage of civil engineering colleges in India lack an effective student placement channel. They have got a placement cell, but no one to run it. There’s no one to groom and make the students ready to be chosen by the industry’s greatest names.

The Bottom Line

Every student encounters several challenges in their field of study, but the ones civil engineering students generally face are things of concern and should immediately be taken into consideration. Listed above are some of the most pressing issues that are faced by them during their course of study.

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