June 20


Slot Machine Etiquette: We Don’t Say These 20 Things

Casinos and gambling houses are a world of their own. You could spend all day trying to keep up with the lingo, not to mention you’ll be spending money left and right just to stay afloat. There’s a lot more than blackjack happening here. Here are ten things you should never say or do on the casino floor around rtp slot and judi online, lest you want to get thrown out for being disrespectful:


1) “I’ve been here for an hour and I’ve lost $100!”  – This can come off as complaining about your losses or lack of success. It’s also a bit rude to say things like this in front of everyone else.


2) “I can’t do that; I’m on a budget” – There’s no such thing as being on a budget if you’re using credit cards, are comping people out the ass, or have your own personal stack of cash in your jacket.


3) “I don’t care about winning, I just want to lose money!” – This leads to no one winning and no one playing. If you’re not going for a win at least try to be competitive. There is nothing worse than losing money and having someone who doesn’t play well with others that wins it all.


4) “I’m hungry/thirsty/have to go to the bathroom/need a smoke” – This is just plain rude. We can tell you want something, but don’t be demanding about it. If you’re going to cut in front of someone at the cage or make someone else wait because you’re too impatient to wait in line, we’ll have security escort you out for not following the rules.


5) “My dealer doesn’t know what he’s doing!” – Well, let’s see. He has a full house and is calling your hand right now…what do you think? If you’re gonna keep complaining about it go play somewhere else where they let anyone work their tables.


6) “I have no idea what I’m doing” – Same as #5. If you can’t read a basic hand chart, don’t play blackjack. It’s that simple.


7) “I think the casino cheated me” – This one is the worst offender. When you think we’re cheating you, it makes everyone else who is playing at that table think that we might be cheating them too. You are ruining an innocent person’s night by saying this and when our security team comes to escort you out, it ruins their night as well because they never want to need to go kick someone out for saying something like this.


8) “There’s something wrong with this table” – We know there’s not. We used to have bonuses on every single hand. Now we have them every FEW hands. So if you’re complaining that your quarter per hand is too high, stop it immediately.


9) “Put five more into this” – Probably the only time you’ll say that at a machine is when the machine doesn’t want to give you money back, or in the case of video poker, it isn’t giving you money back at all as well. It’s also a really rude thing to say when someone else is playing and might not be comfortable talking about how much they’re betting to other people.


10) “How long do I have to wait?” – This one is great for when you’re waiting for comps or food but if you’re expecting someone to pay attention in a game that’s going longer then 15 minutes, it’s just a little rude.


11) “That guy’s a real bum!” – We take care of our employees because we want you to have a good time. If you’re going to be having a poor experience, stop it with the lame comments.


12) “I’m gonna play craps” – Craps is gambling and we don’t allow it on the casino floor. If you gamble, play somewhere else.


13) “I’ll wait for you at table seven” – This is one of the most annoying things said to us. If we can’t talk to someone without them trying to tag along or asking us every five seconds what table we’re going to be at, it’s not worth our time.


14) “Are you playing there? I’ll meet you at…” – This isn’t exactly a violation but it’s also not necessary. If we need to play then we’ll go locate the table, if we don’t want to play, then we will just play on our own time.


15) “Let’s go join that table over there” – We know you want everyone to leave us alone so you can sneak up and try to steal our money or win the hands with your way too good luck. It’s not happening.


16) “What do you have left in your pockets?” – This is just plain rude and inappropriate.


17) “How much money have you won today?” – Unless we’re offering up some of our winnings, this is a question that we’re not going to answer. It’s none of your business and comes off as being extremely nosy.


18) “How much did you lose last night?” – Same as #17. We don’t want to talk about it and if we don’t want to talk about it for ourselves then our friends don’t want to hear about it either.


19) “I’m going to hit the ATM!” – Whatever you do, don’t go to the ATM machine. There’s no way we’re letting you walk out of here with any money. If you have a problem outside of what we can fix, talk to us and we’ll try to help you resolve your issue but don’t come in because you have a problem and act entitled like it’s our job.


20) “Keep those cards close” – If you’re waiting to see how the next hand is going to play out or if your cards are getting ready for action, keep them tucked up under your arm rather than on the table.


We hope you never need to be told these things because most places are friendly and helpful, but if something feels off to you go ahead and tell us so the security team can follow up with us.




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