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Tiny Movies: 8 Small Home Theater Ideas

Are you looking for ways to boost your home’s entertainment and resale values? Building a home theater is one way of hitting these two birds with one stone, so to speak. Analysts predict that the home theater market will grow further due to this pandemic. 

Small Home Theater Ideas

Apart from funding, another challenge is your limited space. Thankfully, there are small home theater ideas that can help you with your plans. Continue reading below for some of the best home theater ideas on a budget.

1.Use a Theme

Even if you’re working on a small space, it shouldn’t stop you from unleashing your small home theater ideas. One of the ways to make your home theater extra special is to find a theme. 

Stick to a theme that matches your personality. If you’re a sports lover and you plan to watch big games on your giant screen, a sports home theater room is your best bet. Are you a big follower of a particular Hollywood star? Or are you a huge fan of a certain franchise like The Avengers or Justice League? You can turn your small home theater into a place full of pictures and posters of superstars.

2.Customize Your Storage

It is easy for homeowners to miss out on certain aspects when building a home theater. Generally, the attention goes to the type of screen and the kinds of seats you will install. In turn, they forget about other aspects like maximizing the small space that they have.

Thus, squeeze the most out of your small home theater by adding some customized cabinets. This is one of those home theater ideas for the living room that will cost you at first. However, the returns will be worth it, as you will enjoy the quality and longevity of the cabinets.

Your goal in making these cabinets is to make them as functional as possible. The simplest way to go about the cabinets and shelves is to keep them wide open. However, you may install some doors on a few of them to create some variety. If you’re planning to use a giant TV screen, you can build the shelves and cabinet around it.

3.Raised Seating Works

If your space can accommodate a few more seats, elevate some by using raised seating. Raising some of the seats helps you maximize the little space you have. It also adds to the seats’ functionality while giving you that movie house vibe.

Alternatively, you can invest in some reclining seats. This is perfect if you have some seniors at home who wish to relax the best possible way while watching a good movie. Also, don’t forget to pick a nice theater seating fabric.

4.Add a Functional Bar

Sometimes, you or your guests may want to watch a movie differently. Instead of sticking to reclining seats, you can put up a functional bar behind the seats.

A functional bar is perfect for those nights when guests bring their food. The bar can serve as a space where you can lay out your food and drinks. Behind the bar, you should also place some chairs so guests can eat and drink while watching.

5.Surround and Hide the Sound

Even if you have a small home theater room size, it shouldn’t compromise the quality of the sound. Thus, install surround sound with speakers that you can hide inside the room. Instead of placing the speakers in front, mount them on the walls or the ceiling.

Give your home theater a sleeker and cleaner look. You should also hide your speakers to give you more space and mobility. However, you may need to consult with a designer to determine the perfect spot for your speakers. Keep in mind that the placement of your speakers directly affects the audio of your home theater.

6.Try Sconce Lighting

If you’re planning to use a projector, you need to have proper lighting in your home theater. Your goal is to have a room with lights that are not too bright.

However, don’t rely on natural light to illuminate your theater. The problem with natural lighting is that it causes all sorts of reflections on your big screen. Thus, consider using sconce lighting to get the right amount of light for a small home theater.

What’s great about sconce lighting is that it comes in different styles and designs. You can go for something modern or with a traditional effect. The key is to match the lights with your theme.

7.Go for a Projector

As for your main equipment, it is best to go for a projector instead of a large TV. Not only will it cost you less, but it will also perform well in terms of delivering quality pictures.

Furthermore, a projector lets you adjust the size of the screen. This is important for people who want to get the right level of eye comfort.

8.Consider Rotating Shelves

Are you running out of small basement home theater ideas? Consider injecting some versatility by adding some rotating shelves. These shelves are multi-purpose.

You can use them as storage for your food and drinks while watching. You can also use them as a place to display your media. After the viewing, you can fold and stow these shelves and pull them out again on your next viewing.

Go Beyond Small Home Theater Ideas

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It’s time to incorporate these small home theater ideas! You can maximize your space and make a home update that you can be proud of. However, a home theater is not the only addition that’s worth spending on.

Learn about other options by reading our blog posts. We discuss different home improvement projects that you can take on during this pandemic.


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