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Tips for Packing food while Opting for a Move

Moving is a process that requires a lot of effort and especially when it’s about packing and moving the kitchen it is big-time stress.  From the utensils to the daily vegetables or canned food, the kitchen has a lot of stuff and it would actually confuse you that what to pack and whatnot. You would have thousands of things in your mind but won’t be able to understand from where to begin what to throw, what to take along when to buy moving boxes and more. So, in that context here are certain tips that could be a guide for you to pack food while opting for a move.

Look out for the expired food or is near to expiry date

While packing the kitchen you might come across different kinds of canned food, vegetables and certain other things. So, before you pack them make sure you check the expiry date of the products. The ones which are expired or near to expiry, you should actually throw them off. Packing them and taking them long will require a lot of effort and you might not use them later on. So, discarding it is a better option.

Pack on fragile items

Every household has certain items in excess such as flour, wheat, sugar etc. This stuff won’t get spoil but you can’t take them as it is in the containers which they are kept. So, it is advised that you get a huge plastic airtight container that has no chances of spilling and you can put all of it in that. Otherwise, you can also go and buy zip locks from the market and pack stuff in that. It would be safe and easy to carry.

Cook and eat

When you know that you are going to move, don’t buy new food rather the one which is their start cooking those food items. You can every day have those meat, chicken and eggs which are there to avoid wastage and even you won’t feel bad that you left them while you moved to a new place.

Coker the shakers

Usually, in the household, there are little shakers that have salt, pepper, oregano, chili flakes and such kind of things. They are used every day and are easy to sprinkle. To avoid their spill you should cover them with plastic sheets and seal them off or use scotch tape. It would make those bottles safe and easy to carry.

Use varied kinds of boxes

When you are beginning to pack and you have a lot of stuff, simply don’t buy huge boxes as they would be difficult to carry and would also tear off with the load. Rather buy medium or small boxes where you could separately pack up utensils, canned food, spices etc. This way things would stay organized and it would not be difficult to carry as well.

Plan for your new area

You should be ready with a plan for your new kitchen. If you are aware that your new kitchen has a lot of storage and that each drawer has varied sections, think about stocking up more stuff. You can buy few items which are on sale and could use them in your new house.

Donate the bottles

If you have glass bottles that contain olive oil, ketchup and other sauces, you should avoid taking them along. Give it to someone as there are great chances of it being spilt out. However, if you require those bottles in your new house then give the material present in it to someone and clean the bottles and then pack them off as it would be then more convenient to carry.

Be a professional in packing

Usually, when you go to a grocery store you will notice that jars of Nutella, peanut butter and such kind of things are kept at the bottom and the top later is of lighter stuff such as chips, cookies and wafers. So you must do the packing in that manner only. This would be an easy way plus things could be packed in an organized manner. Be very attentive when packing perishable items if you are moving them too. 

Label the boxes

The kitchen has a lot of stuff and it won’t be easy to remember which box has what items. So make sure you label every box. Put up some kind of indication by which you can judge what the box has. To the more, the box which has perishable items should be clearly mentioned so that while moving one has in mind and it is dealt carefully.

Thus moving to a new place especially when it is about kitchen it is not an easy job. One needs to act smart and wise for the proper management and moving process. So make sure to use the above-mentioned tips for a better and comfortable experience while moving your kitchen.

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