August 17


Top Locked Room Mystery You Should Read This Weekend

It is Saturday afternoon, and the atmosphere is getting chilly from all the rain!


Nothing could be a better companion than some locked-room mystery novels. A locked room mystery has a very straightforward plot. A group gets stuck in an isolated place, and people suddenly start to die.


But, it is the plot twists that will mess with your head.


In this excerpt below, we have given you some of the best-locked room mysteries ever written. If you cannot find them in your local bookstore, download them for free from thenewpiratebay.

Locked Room Mysteries

The best part about the locked room mystery, you will think no one did it, but someone in that locked room did it.

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So, who is really the murderer, or are there two of them?

1. One By One – Ruth Ware

When a small team of employees from a multi-billion dollar company goes to the French Alps for a company retreat. What can actually go wrong?


There is a beautiful resort with the backdrop of the beautiful Alps. Snow covered everything, and heat from the blazing fire inside the luxurious hall. Then what can actually go wrong in such a serene atmosphere?


When it rains, it pours, but over here, it is the dangerous avalanche that was the first stroke of bad luck. But, when their dead bodies were discovered one by one, was it really bad luck, or was there a murderer between us?

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From employee loyalty checks to back stabbings, this Ruth Ware closed room mystery is a true unputdownable.

2. And, Then There Were None – Agatha Christie

This is the classic and probably the first closed-room mystery from the queen of mystery, Agatha Christie. The story starts with ten people from different backgrounds attending an invitation from Mr.Owen at an isolated island,


However, none of the guests know each other and are just waiting for Mr.Owen. But things take a very sinister turn when they all start dying one by one, following the pattern of a nursery rhyme, ‘Ten Little Soldiers.’


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Is it really a murderous Mr.Owen hiding in some corner of the island and tipping them one after the other, or is the murderer someone within them?

3. The Hunting Party – Lucy Foley

After giving us one of the thrilling mysteries, ‘The Guest List,’ we have another of Lucy Foley’s page-turners, ‘The Hunting Party.’ With the backdrop of the beautiful Scottish highlands, this story also brings us a closed-room murder mystery amidst the phenomenal beauty of nature.


This is an excellent pick if you are in love with atmosphere novels. A group of college friends who reunite every year decides to go to the Scottish highlands this year. When you are amidst your favorite group of people and in one of the most mesmerizing places in the world, getting murdered is not your first thought.

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But what happens when a snowstorm locks them in? All the masks uncover, and it ensues with secrets, lies, and juicy drama.


Over here, everyone is a victim, and everyone is a murderer, and you do not know who is next.

4. The Sanatorium – Sarah Pearse

Why all the mysterious atmospheric murders happen in the heart of the prettiest natural backdrops? This is a question you will ask yourself when you read this next novel. The story is set in the Swiss Alps, and it is about the guests inside a luxurious hotel called Le Sommet.


However, things weren’t always this luxurious from the beginning. This was previously a sanatorium, and the guests can find a representation of its past life from the decors and the archive room.

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But things take a sinister turn when a psychotic killer starts targeting the guests one by one. Is it really the ghost of someone from the concrete’s past? Or is someone within the hotel orchestrating the whole thing?


This is the beauty of closed-room mysteries! You can not suspect someone.

Get The Coffee Brewing!

Now that you have your list pick one, get the coffee brewing and begin with your Saturday afternoon reads.


All of them are great stories and real unputdownable so just begin with one!


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