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Used Watches: Are There Benefits to Buying One?

One of the most popular gift ideas for anyone is a watch. Not only is a timepiece considered a luxurious and meaningful gift, but it’s a daily reminder about you to the person you’re gifting the watch to. The abundance of physical and online stores today where you can browse through their selection has made it easy for buyers to pick a timepiece that matches their budget. However, one thing worth considering during the selection process is if you want to get a brand new luxury watch. Or are you open to purchasing a pre-owned watch? 

Used Watches:

From a used Omega Speedmaster and TAG Heuer Carrera to a Rolex Explorer II and Patek Philippe Nautilus, there are various stores where you can get pre-owned luxury watches. If you are considering it but have second thoughts, here are some of the advantages of owning and gifting used watches. 

Reasons to Buy A Pre-Owned Luxury Watch

While it sounds appealing to buy brand-new, straight out-of-the-box watches, many people find joy in pre-owned luxury watch ownership. From financial to quality, there are various advantages to owning a second-hand watch too. 

1. Getting the most out of your dollar

Looking at the market today, a brand new luxury watch may be out of your price range. Hence, the next best solution would be to purchase a pre-owned one. Although it is not new, it does mean you can now afford a high, same quality watch as a brand new one, especially if it’s still in good condition. It means you’re getting the best deal and the most for your dollar.  

2. Avoiding the depreciation of a new timepiece

One other benefit that buyers can get from getting a used luxury watch is that you can avoid depreciation. You can compare buying a luxury watch to buying a new car: the value depreciates immediately after purchase. However, unlike cars that can be used for some number of years, pre-owned luxury watches can still be used after several years. Hence, it can be passed down to family generations after generations as an heirloom.

3. Passing it down as an heirloom

Another advantage is that it’s one of the perfect heirlooms to be passed down to future family generations. Whether you buy it brand new or pre-owned, the top quality materials used and excellent watchmaking skills have resulted in luxury watches lasting for decades. High-end brands may be selling these timepieces at an unbelievable price range, but you can depend on the quality of these products for decades to come. 

4. Increasing the appreciation value of these second-hand timepieces

Avoiding the timepiece’s depreciation value may be the reason why many buyers flock to pre-owned watch stores. Another advantage is the possibility that the watch’s value could rise. Over time, pre-owned luxury watches could appreciate and rise in value. The owner can choose to pass it off as an heirloom or sell it for financial needs or investment purposes. One thing to note though that the timepiece’s value over time will depend on its brand, model, quality, and so on. 

5. Selling it for a profit or at the same value

In connection to the previous point, owners can choose to sell their used luxury watches for a profit or at the same value. While your initial purpose for purchasing one or several may be as an investment, it’s important to take note that there’s no guarantee the price will rise later on. However, it’s still a positive thought that there’s a lesser chance of suffering a loss even if it’s a pre-owned timepiece. 

6. Choosing from a wide array of brands, styles, and more

Looking at various physical and online stores, you’ll notice that there are a lot of different brands, models, and styles to choose from. Given that you have a brand and model in mind, it’s still good to know that you have plenty of other choices should what you’re looking for isn’t available or offered at an unexpected price. From limited editions to watch models around for years on end, these are good investment opportunities you’re looking at. 

7. Guaranteeing quality

Despite the price, one other advantage of luxury watches from well-known and high-end brands is the quality of the timepiece. Unlike most modern watches, these timepieces have stood the test of time. Hence, they’re still in great condition after decades. Master artisans are employed, and high-quality materials are used to ensure the quality of these timepieces. Of course, the long life of these watches can be attributed to the special care of owners too.   

8. Appealing to vintage enthusiasts

Another good point is that it’s a highly coveted piece of accessories for vintage enthusiasts. People who love the vintage look should opt for a vintage watch that matches their price range instead of modern watches made to look vintage. It can be a good story to share with your acquaintances about how you got the timepiece, too. Is it an heirloom, or did you scour various stores to get your hands on it? 

9. Owning a unique piece

While the reason for most people when buying pre-owned luxury watches is it’s hard to find one that’s new and within their price range, it’s the thought of owning a unique timepiece too. There’s always the possibility that what you’re wearing on your wrist or planning to purchase is a unique piece or the only piece left from an inactive brand. 


So there you have it, nine reasons to convince you why it’s a good idea to buy used watches for yourself or to give to family and close friends. It may be viewed solely for investment purposes, but there’s also the idea of becoming part of its history – especially if it’s an heirloom. It can be a little intimidating at first as you look through available timepieces from various physical and online stores. Hence, it’s a good idea to be familiar with different brands and models so you can easily spot what’s good and within your price range.

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